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Rethinking Retirement is Re-Engaging Lives!

The perfect supplement to your client seminars or as simply a gift to your clients, Keith’s book Rethinking Retirement will help your clients re-examine how they view retirement and the second half of their lives.    

The book is divided into two parts.  The first section challenges traditional notions of how our lives are “supposed” to go and offers a new path for creating freedom, balance purpose and passion.  The second section provides basic financial education to help your member-clients further understand some of the basic investment concepts you teach.  Together they provide the perfect combination of perspective and education to help you assist your clients.

Here’s what some are saying about Rethinking Retirement:

“First, let me say a big thanks! for turning me on to the “Rethinking Retirement” book.  I’ve been reading and re-reading it and it’s perfect for what I’m doing now and considering next. His concept of “pretirement” fits me like a glove!”  – Jim

“I just finished “Rethinking Retirement.” What an outstanding book! Thank-you!”  – Steve

“I just finished reading the online excerpt!  Amazing, Keith! I can’t wait to order it!”   – Mary

“I read your book in the airport  – I loved it….exactly what I need!”   – Alfred

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